Volunteer Sprouting

We had our first Winter storm this weekend and my garden received 3 inches of rain. Luckily it was a slow rain so most of my plants survived, except for some arugula sprouts which got flattened. 

Yesterday also marked my first official day of being a botanical garden volunteer at The Huntington Library & Gardens. It’s one of my favorite places in the world. I’ve spent countless hours reading in various garden nooks and walking through the galleries and lawns. The volunteer program I signed up for is called “Mighty Groomers” and they meet once a month to help tidy up one of the many gardens. This month we worked in the Rockery, which has a wide range of tropical plants. Since it was built right next to the main house, it is supposed to conjure images of a manicured Victorian garden with exotic plants. After the head gardener gave a short lecture on bromeliads, we dispersed to help pull out weeds, trim off overgrowth and plant colorful bromeliads. It’s actually surprising how much the volunteers were able to do. (I really hope all those plants I pulled out were actually weeds!) Here are some photos of the corner we worked on. It’ll be really exciting to be able to visit this garden with my friends and family and say, “I planted that!”


Huntington Gardens


Huntington Gardens

Sunday was garden time back at my house and I spent a few hours cleaning up after the storm and adding bamboo trellises for my beans, peas and tomatoes to grow on. My bottle gourd vine is fruiting!




Cherry tomato


Bottle Gourd

I also noticed that my arugula self seeded in the front yard herb garden. At least I hope it’s arugula. The lavender, rosemary and lemongrass survived the hot Summer in the front so I am very happy about that too.

My artichoke seeds are coming up, although a squirrel nibbled on them and spit them out. The red celery is growing tall, my napa cabbages and chinese broccoli are maturing, and my onions and french breakfast radishes are peeking out from their box. I had a small harvest of lettuces too.




Red celery


Napa cabbages, chinese broccoli


Onions and French Breakfast Radishes

Lastly, my garlic and chili pepper bed is showing various shades of green from my “save the bees” cover crop. Hopefully we’ll have some pretty flowers soon. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Volunteer Sprouting

    • Thank you! I’m excited about volunteering too. It’s nice to be around other gardeners and to be able to plant something that actually grows! 🙂 There’s so much to learn.

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