Garden Holiday

Happy holidays! It’s been a busy few weeks with minimal time in the garden, but I did get a few “first” harvests in. We picked a handful of tatsoi and chinese celery, which will be going into tonight’s stir fry udon with tofu.


Tatsoi and purple beans


Chinese celery

We also picked some salad greens and spent a lot of time cleaning the raised beds from the wind, rain and squirrel attacks. The squirrels have gotten hungry again and dug up some red celery sprouts.

I have one bottle gourd going strong and a bunch of bush beans and peas getting taller. I also browsed through the 2015 seed catalogs trying not to order….although I’m sure I’ll break soon. I started some garbonzos, adzuki beans and luffa gourds which will go into my mini greenhouse. I’m itching to start more but I’m running out of room already. My garden isn’t as big as my imagination.


Bottle gourd


Save the bees seed mix




My only flower in bloom



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