Seed Addiction

This is the season for seed catalogs and dreaming of spring and summer gardens. I decided to do the responsible thing and write up a seed inventory before I went on a seed buying spree. I now realize I may have a problem. I’m a seed and sprout addict. Here’s the list of seeds and sprouts (seedlings or bulbs) that I already have. The winter seeds are already planted but I haven’t even purchased any seeds for 2015 yet. I ran out of room on my paper before I listed the fruit trees I already have and the few that are still in transit (banana and goji berry). Can you tell Goji berry was a last minute shopping cart addition? And I ordered some ginger plants too.


I have another confession. I bought a packet of poppy seeds from the gift shop at Descanso gardens today. They looked so pretty and spoke to me as I walked past. I don’t think I should be left unattended near garden supply stores anymore. πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “Seed Addiction

  1. Thanks for the incentive to get organized myself! Currently lusting my way through the seed catalogues and struggling to find the discipline not to order every thing that strikes my fancy πŸ˜‰ Cheers, Ben

  2. I so relate to falling into buying seeds and other garden supplies when left unattended at the store!

    As I recently posted on my own gardening blog, seed catalogs get me through the dreary winter months!

  3. When I had 5 acres to plant in I was a fanatical browser of seed and plant catalogues. There was always a huge amount of things I wanted to try. Now I have what amounts to a handful of flower pots full of herbs and strawberries. I don’t even look at the catalogues any more and I stay away from garden centres. Oh but I used to love it, brings back such sweet memories. Enjoy!

    • Five acres! Wow. I would probably get lost among all the carrots I’d try to grow there. Although my small backyard keeps me really busy as it is so maybe it’s all for the best! πŸ™‚

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